6 Reasons Why You Should Open a French Startup

Starting a business can be one of the most liberating life experiences you will ever get.

To launch a successful startup is not going to be an easy journey you will have to persevere and be patient. You will most certainly encounter challenges and in such times, you will be forced to resort to better ideas.

The startup market in France is relatively fair compared to other countries. In this article, I should give all the reasons why France is the best country for a startup.

1. Easy access to labour

One of the most stressful things you may encounter during your startup process is finding the right force.

You don’t have to worry about finding people to help you in the process of launching your startup.

A website like Amon Avis in France has a collection of reviews from French citizens about companies you can get professionals from.

One such company is Quotatis. Read the reviews to find out whether or not they have the right professionals for what you need for your business.

2. Wide market

Identifying the right market is a business strategy and every startup should be aware of.

The number of people flocking in France is great for a startup as you will be exposed to a wide market.

Your work will be to identify the right type of customers within the general market which will, in turn, help to determine the type of marketing strategies you need to deploy.

A large people in the market the higher the chances of making sales.

Not only is a wide market beneficial in terms of finding customers but the competition too is set.

Whether you choose to understand competition as a business liability is up to you. My opinion is that competition helps businesses find more customers because then, a business stands to improve its products.

The business competition will enable your company to find ways to stand out from the rest and with the right strategies, a startup can bloom in a competitive market.

3. Excellent economy

Before launching a startup you need to do an economic assessment of the country you intend to set up your business in.

When assessing a country’s economy, the things you look for include; trade, education, labour, access to information, economic output, government’s debt, financial statistics and such indicators.

From statistics, it is quite evident that France has presented a very stable economy, one that has attracted investors as well as business startups.

France has excellent living standards.

4. Outstanding tech companies 

One other thing that makes France stand out from many countries is the great technological infrastructure within the country.

France has the third-largest market in Europe in terms of e-commerce.

Information technology firms are setting up their bases in France because of the great potential and support from the people.

Having strong technology is very crucial for all startups.

5. Good tax regime

Capital is a very important part of every startup. Many startups are working on a very limited budget and because of this, you will want to ensure that you are settled in a country that has favourable tax rates.

Startups in France get to enjoy a flat rate taxation regime where there is a reduction in corporate income tax.

The flat-rate tax applies to profits accrued. There’s a reduced 15% For companies with revenue of below €10 million, on profits up to €38,120.

This is significantly lower compared to many tax regions across Europe.

With favourable tax rates, a startup has a higher chance of growth because then you’re not fixated on paying a lot in taxes.

6. Good intellectual property protection laws

One thing I like about France is its intellectual property system.

With a startup, you have a product or service you intend to launch. Without having a strong background to protect such products, you may end up in unfair competition with other brands.

Your products and inventions stand to be violated by other people.

In many cases, without intellectual property protection over your products investors are turned off because there’s a big risk of going at a loss.

France allows startups to register their products and or services for intellectual property protection. And that is you can register your marks under trademark law, your product design through industrial design laws, patent protection for inventions as well as copyrights.

France has proved itself to have adequate intellectual property laws to protect businesses and their customers.