5 Factors to Look Out For Before Trusting Any Online Review

If you have an online business, then you must appreciate the place of customer reviews. As a buyer, reviews help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business beyond what you’re told.

Before trusting an online review as a customer, here are 5 important factors that you must look for.

1.How recent is the review?

The recency of the review is a major factor to consider when trusting a review. Reviews that have been given a long while ago may not carry the same potency as that which has just been given. It is believed that businesses go through these online reviews as much as customers do. As such, it is possible that the business has improved its services based on that review and relying on it may not be fair.

2.How relevant is the review?

Another factor to consider before trusting an online review is the relevance of the review. If you are a person who is conversant with online reviews, you must have come across different reviews. While some of these reviews are relevant to the business or the product and services offered, others are not. As a customer, irrelevant reviews are as good as no reviews to you. Don’t just take reviews as you see it, make sure the review is recent and relevant to the product or service you want to get.

3.How honest is the review?

There are many reviews on the internet today that are direct attacks on a particular business. These types of reviews do not carry any truth in them, and you can tell from how negative they are. Many times, these kinds of reviews are calculated acts that are perpetrated by competitors to bring down a particular business. On the other hand, there are also positive reviews that do not come from a genuine place. These types of reviews are written just to paint the business in a good light, but deep down doesn’t represent the true picture. It is important for you to know how to sieve these reviews on a screen of truth and pick only the good that comes through.

4.Is it coming from a first-hand experience?

Another thing you should consider before taking the words of a review is whether it is coming from a first-hand experience. It is better to work with a review from a person who has used the product or service than from one who is giving such a review based in hearsay.

5.How credible is the reviewer?

Many times, it is always difficult to ascertain the credibility or otherwise of a reviewer because there are those who give anonymous reviews. There is, however, a way to go about it, and that is by carefully analyzing the reviews based on the other factors that have been discussed above. For an online review to be helpful to you, it has to come from a credible source. While it might be difficult to identify the reviewer at some point, the platform where the review is coming from can say a lot about its credibility.

A lot of things happen on the internet, and the reviews you read might not represent the true picture of things – negatively or positively. These factors listed above help you analyze a review before trusting it.